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We welcome all Mac users to enquire about BSMUG activities. We cater to Mac beginners as well as more experienced Mac user. Facilities offer information and assistance to help you connect with the right people for your interest. They include a forums and live chatrooms. There is also a feedback page and contact page on this website.

MEETING UPDATE 12 October 2010
Is it time to get this show on the road again?
In 2008 there were reportedly over 4000 Mac users in or around our Shire - over 100 were members of BSMUG. Sadly for many, our monthly meetings were suspended in July 2009 as there were no parties willing to commit time to keep things happening. Could you be interested?
BSMUG's website, forum and chatroom are still active. Based on the number of enquiries in the past months there would be support for more face-to-face events, even one or two each year.

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About BSMUG . . .

BSMUG is a non-profit community group. Full membership $15/yr entitles members to participate in and shape group incentives. [See also: HOW BSMUG WORKS.]

Our website uses Penpages blogging tool, which makes it easy to add new categories of information, and also allows visitors to leave comments. All entries displayed begin with the most recent date entered, within each category.
Here's a summary of what you can find on this site:

News, announcements, articles and more. Members may promote their business/services here. Entries are indexed by most recent date entered, not alphabetically. Contact the BSMUG co-ordinator for more info.

FORUM / IRC (Chatroom)
Information on other ways to network and connect with other Mac users locally, around Australia and the world!

Tutorials and creativ projects. This category announces and documents creative projects. Also includes follow-up tutorials and suggestions for progressing your Mac learning curve (based on past presentations etc.)

A list of meeting-presentation themes suggested by BSMUG members and guests. Got other ideas for BSMUG? Then post your comments here, in the forum or bring them to a meeting.

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Have fun exploring our website and see you at the next meeting!